Michael Katz Krefeld

Michael Katz Krefeld is an absolute favourite writer among Danish readers of crime fiction – he won the Crime Book Festival’s audience award in 2018 and the Martha Award in 2016. 

Michael started his career writing and directing a series of short films. Several of them have been screened at international festivals and have been sold to foreign television networks, for instance in Germany and America.  


A small sample of reviews of Michael Katz Krefeld’s books. 

Krefeld’s best crime novel to date

Taking the law into one’s own hands is never a bad thing – as long as we’re in the world of fiction. 

Michael Katz Krefeld takes a break from his book-series about The Raven, but delivers an impressive crime novel about taking justice into your own hands. 



A gripping thriller

Michael Katz Krefeld is back and in great form with a new crime novel. 

’Mørket kalder’ is a brilliantly titled and gripping thriller about a policewoman who goes her own way.



Recent books

The most recent books by Michael Katz Krefeld. 

"I get inspiration for writing from the world of film, especially the thriller genre. That’s what I practice, in the shape of novels. The epic story with its drive, its unpredictability, the struggle against an unknown superpower, and, not least, the personal sacrifices for the sake of a greater good are at the heart of it all."

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